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Posted by MJOLNIRchief90 - March 9th, 2011

I updated Icons for all of my flash, so when the redesign hits I'll be ready. Thanks to all the Icon moderators who made some of the ones I replaced.

If you haven't done yours yet, it's easy. Nene even helps you re-size the image, so stop procrastinating if you haven't done it yet.

Thank you to anyone who actually read this. Say hi in the comments.

Posted by MJOLNIRchief90 - July 3rd, 2009

I've been playing around with some sprites recently and I'm starting to get decent enough with them to make a flash soon. It's a step up from the tributes and hentai quizzes I'm used to making.

I've got some ideas. I think I'm going to start small and eventually make an epic sprite movie.

In the mean time, I'm starting to long for my days of making hentai quizzes. Perhaps I'll make one soon so I can keep in practice.

Posted by MJOLNIRchief90 - June 29th, 2009

I can't believe that my Tribute to Billy Mays is doing so well. I kind of expected it to go the way of my Michael Jackson Tribute. Pass judgement with a decent score and then go away forever. I never expected it to get Daily Fourth Place. (Truth be told it had a score that was good enough at one point to be daily third).

I think though that in retrospect I can figure out the reason for it's success.

1 People vote for the person, not for the flash: This is fine and well, however it means that I can not take credit for it's success. Which I am fine with. It's not so much a movie as it is a memorial. Billy Mays was a great guy and he deserves it.

1a. This can also explain why the Michael Jackson tributes aren't doing so well. Michael Jackson has the stigma of being a child molester. Even though he was aquitted of the charges, a large number of people feel that he "got away with it". If he did or not, is no longer for mortals to ponder.

2. Even though my tribute to Billy is not of a great quality compared to the other good flashes out there and does not require a lot of technical skill, people can tell that I did my best on it. I'm not sure how, but I'd be lying if I think people didn't just somehow know that I really did put all of my effort into it.

3 Again, even though the Tribute is not of a great quality, it is much better than all of the other Billy Mays Tributes out there. The relative value of it pushed up the score. People get tired of half assed stuff really easy. So when something decent, comes along, it looks like gold.

4 The portal pointed arrows at the Tribute: As you probably know, when a flash enters the portal, it goes to the top of the 50 most recent list and is highleted in purple. That Under Judgement desgination is enough to pull a lot of people to look at it to see if they can get a blam or protect point.

4a. When the tribute got out from under judgment, it had enough of a score to get highlighted in green. That pulled in more viewers who upped it's score due to reasons 1,2, and 3. That gave it an Awesome Score and a blue highlight which drew more people to it. Who again due to 1,2, and 3 kept it's score high.

It's nice to see my ideas in some kind of print form so I can come back and look at them when I wish. I still can't belive that with almost no artistic or programming skill, I was able to get a movie into the top 5 flashes of the day. Tribute to Billy Mays is easily my most successful flash so far.

I just wish that it didn't have to come at the expense of someone I admire.

Rest well Billy.

P.S. To celebrities I admire. Please stop dying. I'd like to not have to make any more tribute flashes for a while.